Rodd & Gunn

We’re a proud Kiwi brand with an ever-growing global presence. As we’ve expanded our retail footprint across the Southern and Northern Hemisphere, we’ve done so with a quiet, dogged determination. Our uniquely Kiwi sensibility enables us to forge our own path, without concerning ourselves with the approval of others. Showboating just isn’t in our nature.

Sport represents strength and endurance - values that ring true to us as a brand. We’ve enjoyed a long association with sports that reflect New Zealand's rich cultural heritage, including polo, ocean racing, and rugby union.

It takes guts to build a sporting legacy, and we admire the athletes who are at the top of their game. The quiet achievers. The ones who are unwilling to take shortcuts. The ones that hear the naysayers and do it anyway. That's why we've proudly sponsored Team New Zealand, winners of the 2013 Youth Americas Cup. We've also dressed the legendary All Blacks and New Zealand's 2012 Olympic Team.