Rugby New York Signs Multi-Year Sponsorship Measurement Deal

1 year ago

Relo Metrics will measure Rugby New York’s sponsorship assets across TV broadcast and social media.

Rugby New York has signed an exclusive partnership with leading sponsorship intelligence platform, Relo Metrics, to help deliver increased value to new and existing brand partners.

The multi-year deal will see Rugby New York track and analyze the sponsorship media value it creates for sponsors across television broadcast and social media, during this year's Major League Rugby (MLR) season. The data provided will be critical as Rugby New York looks to renew and expand sponsorship revenue.

“We’re building something special here in New York, and providing industry-leading insights and accurate sponsorship asset evaluations,” said James Muncer, Head of Partnerships at Rugby New York. “With the help of Relo’s highly developed platform, we’re able to demonstrate the value that we deliver to our brand sponsors, attracting more investment and enhancing our commercial growth potential.”

Relo Metrics is the industry’s most advanced sponsorship intelligence platform. The company uses sophisticated AI to track sponsorship signage in real-time across broadcast, streaming, social and in-venue, helping partners to understand which sponsorships deliver the best return on investment and how they can be optimized for better performance.

“Major League Rugby is becoming increasingly popular in the US and there is significant potential for growth of the sport,” said Jay Prasad, CEO at Relo Metrics. “Rugby New York will now have access to the insights and data it needs to demonstrate the value of its assets and attract more brand sponsorships, positioning the team for robust growth over the coming years.”

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Relo Metrics is an AI-powered sponsorship analytics platform that enables brands to track and optimize their sponsorship investments and powers teams and leagues with the insights they need to retain and grow revenue. The company tracks sponsor exposure across live broadcasts, social media, and streaming platforms, and delivers actionable insights via a fast, single-solution platform.

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