Embracing the Off-Season: Community Visits and Youth Rugby

1 month ago

To kick off the 2023 off-season, we've been getting out and about in our local community. Join us as we share the highlights from our first two event visits.

Bayonne Flag Rugby Day - Butcher, Fasi, Brad, Mayhew

The first community event on our off-season agenda was the Bayonne Flag Rugby event. Held on a sunny weekend, the event gathered young rugby players from all corners of the community. Nic, Brad, Fasi and Dylan all joined for a day filled with action, learning, and, most importantly, forging connections with the future Ironworkers of rugby.

The Mudturtle Flag Rugby Program in Rahway NJ

The Rahway Flag Rugby event was our second stop on the off-season community tour, with Fasi and Pago heading out to get amongst it. Held at the Madison Avenue Park, the event embraced a strong sense of unity within the community, and we were eager to be a part of it.

We're looking forward to attending more community and youth rugby events this off-season. Stay tuned!

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