d3 Tape

From the humble beginnings in Auckland New Zealand watching kids play sport, to a over decade later where some of the biggest sporting events in the world, see household sporting hero’s use d3 products.

In 2010, on the side of a sports field while watching their children play, 3x Dads asked the question, why was good strapping tape so hard to find and the cost was so expensive? That moment the 3x Dad’s became “d3”. The absolute goal was to provide good quality, reliable, fun, funky, cool and slightly rebellious products that were traditionally boring. Doing things differently was our initial catch cry but keeping the key focus of being that product that assisted all bodies to move easier. Rehabilitation, Prehabilitation, injury assistance or injury prevention is at the centre of our DNA.

With presence in more than 30 countries around the world our journey has only begun.

Our aim is to keep bodies moving, even through the niggles. We are proud to be part of something exciting, inspiring and lots of fun with the ironworker’s campaign, lets roll our sleeves up, strap up and get this job done boys! Let’s Go Rugby New York!