Connecting New York Through Rugby

A member of North America's premiere rugby competition (Major League Rugby) since 2018, we are New York’s first and only professional rugby team.

Playing our home games in front of our passionate fan base, our season spans from February – June and consists of 16 games – 8 home and 8 on the road.

Played in over 100 countries across every continent, rugby is the most physically demanding, mentally grueling, adrenaline-pumping sport on the planet. No helmets, no pads for 80 unrelenting minutes.

That is why we believe rugby is the sport built for New York. We are not just rugby tough, we are New York Rugby Tough. Just like the home city Rugby New York proudly represents, we are strong, resilient, fearless, passionate, and united. We are a global sport in the world’s global city. We are #BUILTFORNEWYORK.

You want to be a part of it. Join us out for a game and follow our journey...


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